Friday, November 16, 2012

So today I engraved the other side of the barrel. A few over cuts have been Bondoed and are currently setting before I re-cut them. A few other items required a touch of Bondo including the trigger frame and a piece to the Scattergun as you'll see below.
In order to create an ejection port cover I first flattened a piece of Apoxie Sculpt and laid it on the inside of the drum separated by a piece of plastic I cut from a Ziploc bag. I did this so the material would simply set in the shape of the drum, and not adhere to it,

Here you can see how it will lay flat against the ejection port. This piece also required a little Bondo work.

I trimmed enough of the excess material to allow space for glue to be applied to create a strong hold. 
In other news: There may be a possible commission headed my way in the future to recreate an alien skull that hangs on the wall of a bar in the game Starcraft 2. While attending my weekly sketch club I sketched some orthographic views. That'd be a fun build!

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