Saturday, December 1, 2012

My First Mold - Part 2

So, starting on the other side of the mold I gave a quick coat of Vaseline to the mothermold and whipped up a batch of silicon and brushed it on.
After about and hour I applied a second coat.
And after another hour I used Thi-Vex thickener to make a thicker bigger batch of silicon and spread that on before pushing chunks of scrap silicon I had poured into a glove to make registration keys.
Then came the other half of the mother mold.
I let it all cure overnight just to be sure and practically jumped out of bed the next morning with excitement to open this thing.
Here it is with both side of the mothermold off, they came off pretty easily. 
And here it is. It came out 99% perfect with the only imperfection being a very small bubble on the deepest part of the ejection rod groove in the side of the barrel. Overall I am super excited to call this my first mold!
Time for my first casting! Used these straps I bought from the mold supply store I frequent.
It took me a couple of trys to figure out what I was doing, and I am still left without a sturdy workflow, but here if my first FUNCTIONAL barrel casting! That's right, this thing actually shoots 6mm airsoft BBs!
I saw this grey barrel and thought it would be awesome to have a black one to attach to my personal copy of this airsoft gun.
So I cast one in black resin and rubbed gold acrylic paint into the engraving.
Group shot of some of the castings. 
Family picture
Here is a detail photo of the acrylic blank I use to make the barrel hollow.  It is two pieces of acrylic dowel that have been fitted into one another. I spray it with mold release, pour resin around it, and when the resin cures I just pull the rod back out and a barrel is left!
I am working on the sight rail this weekend and plan to have a mold of that ready as well. Next stop, Kickstarter! If you would like to inquire about buying a casting of either the full non-functioning prop or the airsoft barrel kit, e-mail me at!


  1. Congrats on a great mold, Nathan! Your castings look great!

    Great idea on making the silicone keys with a glove. Well clever!

    1. Thanks, Mike. They seat inside the mother mold incredibly well.

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