Monday, February 25, 2013

Ambassdor mold box and Sasha's pellet food!

I have finally completed the mother mold for my Ambassdor prop. I ground down 23 pieces of .25" steel dowel to create the pins. The two cases fit very snugly together, so it should work out well. Now on to claying the gun and pouring the silicon!

The next few shots show how I am making the master copies of the bullets worn by the Heavy in Team Fortress 2. I start by grinding a piece of 1.25" aluminum dowel to a sloped point. Using a lathe chisel I also add a few cuts to represent the casing rim and the crimp marks that come from seating a bullet into a casing.

I then flip it around and use the same chisel to create the rim and primer.

I then use polish and a bugging wheel on a cordless drill to shine them to a chrome-like finish.
Here is a photo of the first four I made. After I have made five I will mold them all together so that I can make the 40-50 copies I will need for the costume.

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